Bring Your Own Rig

Are you 4×4 curious, own your own rig, and eager for an adventure like no other?
Bring your own off-road vehicle and join Terra Overland on a remarkable journey each month! As we will take you to a different, extraordinary spot in Virginia, allowing you to explore unique historical sites, learn to maneuver the terrain, and make new friends. Our team will provide all the support you need for a safe and entertaining experience. 

Terra Overland now offers you the chance to bring your very own 4×4 vehicle and join a convoy of just five rigs exploring the surrounding Shenandoah Valley.

Each month, our adventures will take you to a different, highly exclusive location across Virginia. Here, you can look forward to unique, historical places, learning drive the terrain, and meet some fantastic new people. Our team will provide all the guidance you need for a safe and fun experience. Get ready for an epic road trip!

Each date is a unique adventure some we have never done ourselves! Each trip date is available to book however, the destinations will be announced on our website and newsletter as the dates get closer. 

What will your adventure look like?

One (1) full day of overlading in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia, around 50-70 miles of varying terrain including gravel, dirt, medium-level rock crawling, creek crossings, and yes some pavement. These trips are self-supported trips and participants are required to provide water, food, fuel, etc., and a trail-worthy 4×4 rig with off-road tires.

After you book your date, you will be notified via email as your date approaches trip details. Then one week, Before your adventure begins Terra Overland will host a 45-minute Zoom drivers meeting where we discuss the trip route, camping, and pre-prep. This also will give everyone a chance to meet beforehand. 

The Day before the adventure we understand that camping is not for everyone, therefore, camping is 100% optional however we do suggest staying over the night before the trip, near the meet location so as to not be too tired for the day, or delay the expedition.

On the Day of the adventure, everyone rendezvous at the meet location near the start of our trip, and we will convoy together for the rest of the day on a 100% exclusive Terra Overland Adventure. 

What types of rigs can join?

All our adventures are planned for a “Stock+ Rig” 4WD HI/LO, mid-size, and full-size truck/SUV. Sorry; low clearance AWD vehicles are not permitted due to the nature of the terrain. 

All 4×4 brands are welcome.

Trailers are not permitted. 

GMRS Radios are used on this trip, if you don’t have a radio or are not licensed you may use one of our handhelds for the trip.

Can we Camp?

Optional – You may want to camp the night before.  We will provide coordinates to campsites in the area close to the location we are departing from the following day.  Campsites are first come first serve (dispersed camping).  Occasionally departure locations will be near private or state campgrounds, Airbnb, or hotels. We highly suggest staying over the night before the trip.

Trips Dates:

Block out your day now, Tickets go on sale next week!
February 19th
March 19th
April 23rd
May 28th
June 18th
July 16th
August 13th
September 3rd
October 8th
Nov 12th