Frequently Asked Questions

At Terra Overland, we understand that those who support and serve our communities need to take some time to relax and reconnect, and we are here to help! This gift is designed for First Responders, Teachers, Medical Providers, Nurses, Military and Veterans. When you check out, use the code “wethankyou” to take advantage of this special offer!

Sleet, Ice, Snow is a No-Go! All trips can be rescheduled or refunded day of, due to safety concerns, such as sleet, ice, or snow on the off-road trails. No-Go Days are necessary to ensure the safety of guests as the off-road trails are not maintained and winter weather conditions are dangerous. If there is sleet, ice, or snow in the forecast or on the night before or morning of the day of your trip, it will be rescheduled or refunded due to safety concerns. Your trip is refundable if it is rescheduled due to safety concerns, such as sleet, ice, or snow.
We will be going from 1000 ft above sea level to 4500 ft. The changes in conditions are really quick and can go from T-shirt, jeans to hats and gloves quickly. Be sure to bring layers; a base layer, overlayer (midweight) and an outer layer (heavy or waterproof). If it is predicted that there may be rainwear, a poncho or raincoat! For footwear always bring close toe shoes like boots which will hold up for harsher conditions like mud or trail runners if you would rather not wear hiking boots.

We suggest LEFT OVERS! Enough for everyone to share and cook family style. Each Jeep is equipped with a refrigerator/cooler and SKOTTLE and most need cooking utensils. It’s great to heat up leftovers and all share together!

We also suggest a resupply run on the wait out to the trail and stop at a grocery store in Harrisonburg. They have great taco meal kits, or reheatable meals.

If you want to go all out here is an awesome YouTube channel with recipes for the SKOTTLE!

We thrive on making every adventure unique and tailored for each explorer. Give our office a call or send us an email, and we will do everything in our power to make your adventure your story.

We take safety very seriously. Having said that, we are in the backcountry, hours away from any medical assistance. The first step is our safety is double everything we do before doing it. Try to stay away from unsafe rock climbing, hiking on difficult terrain and remember that we are fragile carbon lifeforms. The second step for backcountry safety is a good First Aid Kit. Each jeep is equipped with a My Medic, First Aid Kit. The third means of help, each Jeep has a Garmin InReach Satellite communicator and SOS Beacon with Search and Rescue and two-way text messaging with loved ones.
Yes. Virginia mud is very unforgiving. Bring clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

Terra Overland believes that a great outdoor backcountry adventure should be challenging. This includes roughing it, with the exception of this issue. We’ve tried several different “camping” toilets from fancy compost to a five-gallon bucket over the years, but last year at Overland Expo we found Thunder Box for after that morning coffee when nature calls! The box is not just for show, the Thunderbox in combination with our privacy shelters and bamboo toilet paper will make your trip more bearable.

If you want to take the train, you can get on Amtrak and take it to Charlottesville Virginia Train station. We will pick you up and drop you back off after your adventure.

If you want to fly and drive, we’ll pick you up at CHO Charlottesville Virginia Airport and drop you off after your adventure.