Our Story

Terra Overland was created by passionate individuals, Shawn Van Der Poel and Dawn Creamer and a network of like-minded individuals. We are passionate about providing unforgettable expeditions that allow you to discover the true essence of adventure. Our mission is to make the freedom of vehicle-supported travel combined with self-reliant travel accessible to everyone. The spirit of exploration should be within reach to everyone, allowing you to unlock your full potential.

“Only in our state” will you find an extensive network of trail systems of all levels, including farm, forest, and fire roads. Virginia caters to adventure seekers of all interests and skill levels. Seasoned explorers and newcomers alike will find their perfect adventure with Terra Overland.

While on our website please review our videos and podcasts for more details and let’s create YOUR journey to adventure; to foster your love for the outdoors! Stop dreaming and start planning with us! Our team is here to provide you with exceptional “Choose Your Own Adventure” service, expert guidance, and the resources you need to make your journey extraordinary. We welcome all questions – don’t delay because we are looking forward to meeting you! We are always teaching, learning, facilitating and enjoying the great outdoors.