Virginia’s “Scales of the Dragon”

“Bring Your Own Rig Adventure” and we have planned one adventure of a lifetime. We found a lost Jeep trail along world-famous Virginia’s “Back of the Dragon”.

Terra Overland’s first “Bring Your Own Rig” trip of 2023 is the perfect opportunity to test the limits of your vehicle and explore the stunning scenery of Virginia’s backcountry.

This trip starts in the town of Staunton, VA, where a convoy of 5 rigs will set off on an old Jeep trail that runs from Staunton VA all the way to the famous “Back of the Dragon” road. This road was founded by nonother than Larry Davidson and is known for its twists and turns, making it a popular destination for bikers and car enthusiasts. However, our convoy will take a different path, “Scales of the Dragon” is one trail that promises to be just as exciting, if not more.

As we make our way through the trail, we’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The terrain will be challenging, so make sure your rig is well-equipped for off-road driving. But don’t worry, our experienced guides will be on hand to offer advice and support throughout the trip.

Our journey will take us through some of the most remote parts of Virginia, passing by hidden waterfalls and scenic vistas. As we reach our final destination of Tazewell, VA, we’ll be greeted with a well-deserved cold beverage, as we celebrate the end of an unforgettable journey. The trip promises to be a true test of driving skills and endurance. It will also be an opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration and adventure.

If you’re up for the challenge, pack your rigs, and join us on this epic journey through the heart of Virginia. We can’t wait to hit the trail with you!